Three people I met in 2011:
  1. Judge Byrd at court in Lebanon, TN for our adoption finalization.Madison was a ham, but it was a special day when we took care of the final court proceedings.
  2. Our friend Natalie in marketing.  She joined the LifeWay team in June and one of her first things was to head to camp to see CentriKid!
  3. #BabyMadison!  We waited so long for this sweet baby!  How many babies do you know that have their own hashtag? There are probably lots of them, but this happened because there were so many people wanting updates on the day she was born.  I couldn't text everybody, so I tweeted all day that day using the hashtag so folks could keep up all through the labor, delivery, and excitement of Baby Madison. Here is a blog containing some of the tweets from March 1st when she was born.