(spoiler alert....this is a rant)

Automatic email responses for out-of-office notifications are a thing of the past. Email clients should take this feature out of service ... And until that happens, I'm calling on everyone within the sound of my rant to quit using the automatic out-of-office notifications. Backstory: Tonight, I sent an email to 2 coworkers and a summer camp team email to ask a question. I copied in 3 people, and got back 2 auto-notifications. I happen to know that these addresses are gmail addresses, so they can be forwarded, filtered, and monitored from pretty much anywhere. In this day and age, everybody in the world can get almost every email feature on a smartphone. This is what led me to this rant.... Why set up an out-of-office reply when you check email anytime you want on your phone?? (And lots of phones even have a ping every time a new message is received.)

In case my friend from the story above reads this....it's not just you.... It happens a lot. It happens in your office and it happens in mine. These aren't the days when "out of the office" means "out of touch." Those days are gone. Since they are gone, the auto-reply notification should be too. ((typos should be gone too...but that's another rant for another day. In case you wonder why I mention it, in those 2 auto-replies I got tonight, the were at least 3 typos. Yikes!!))

Summer seems to be a time when lots of auto-replies are set up. Christmas is a popular time too. So now is your chance to set me straight....do you feel there is ever a time to set up an auto-reply??