I missed a couple of my reverb blogs this week.... I've been enjoying time with my dad who is in town for meetings this week. We have stayed up late, gotten up early, and spent a lot of time talking with him... I hate to miss days writing, but would rather live life than miss out on time with my dad. What did you discover in 2011?
I discovered the world's best mom...and she's been living in my house all along. Nobody is surprised that Emily is a good mom, but she blows "good" out of the water. Emily takes care of work, dinner, Christmas shopping, dishes, writing me notes, making crafts from Pinterest... And that is just "wife" stuff... When Madison sees Emily, and when Emily sees the baby, they both light up! Who was important to you in 2011?
- My wife and child are the most important people in my life. My family has always been supportive even though we don't see each other often. - I spend hours everyday with my co-workers on the CentriKid Camps team and I'm blessed to love what I do, and the teammates I have the privilege of serving with. - There are so many people in our "village" of supporters through the adoption journey...and these supporters have all found a special place in my life. I've seen how parents love Emily for investing in their kids at MJCA, and now I am so thankful for those people who take an interest in my daughter. What do you hope to remember?
At every store and restaurant people tell us how fast kids grow up. They say, "you blink and they are grown up.". I work everyday to soak in the moments like playtime, bath time, bedtime, and meal times with Madison. I don't want to look back and feel like I've missed her infancy or childhood so I take inevry moment with my heart and mind.