LSU is #1.  Geaux Tigers!

Nebraska's coach Bo Pelini and Florida's Will Muschamp are the most volatile sideline screamers I've seen.  They are so over-the-top sometimes that I worry we may see their heads blow up.

Back-up quarterbacks get a bad rap.  Think about it this way.... a back-up quarterback has to face the fact that he's not as good as the starter.  He waits on the sideline, usually for weeks at a time, just to get a chance to play in the game.  Then when he gets in the game, announcers either (A) talk about how the team struggles so badly with the back-up quarterback, because he isn't as good as the starter .... or (B) they are completely surprised that the back-up is any good at all.

Note to the TV Producers ... if the "scholar athlete" doesn't have a GPA higher than a 3.2, then let's just skip the "scholar athlete of the game" segment.

Here's a money-saving tip for the NCAA:  Let the TV commentators make the decisions on instant replays.  The commentators review every single play for the TV viewers and they are football educated folks.  The NCAA could spend less on officiating crews, and invest that money in the education of the student-athletes.

I miss the promotional package I had last year that included the NFL Sunday Ticket!  It is great to count on seeing the Titans every Sunday, but today I couldn't see the Cowboys game b/c the Titans game was the only Noon game showing in our market.

The pink accessories are back in the NFL for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Since there are 5 Sundays in October, there are so many clips  that you'll see the pink gear in all the highlights and commercials for the rest of the season.  That's pretty good mileage for their promotion of a worthy cause.

The Cowboys lost to Detroit?!  Ahhh .. the ticker showed them leading all day, and then I see the final score that they lost.  Again, I miss being able to switch away from the Titans game that was under control.

Preview of Monday Night Football:
Colts vs  Bucs ... Have the Colts started printing Andrew Luck jerseys yet?