Traveling on a flight recently, I chose to use pen & paper instead of my laptop for jotting down some thoughts.  It might have been a bad idea.  After writing about 5 pages of notes, I took a minute to catch my breath and realized that my handwriting is bad.  Not just bad, REALLY BAD.

I remember in school that teachers always talked to us about taking our time when writing ... and I even got points marked off for neatness (or lack thereof) a few times.  None of that phased me ... but now, I kinda wish my handwriting was better.

The truth is that I rarely write much anymore.  So much of my “written” communication is actually “typed” communication .. other than making lists or jotting down a couple of sentences.  Email is the biggest communication tool that has replaced hand-written memos directed to other people.  In addition, a couple of my favorite personal note-taking tools are Evernote on my iPad and computer ... and Simplenote on my iPhone. 

Perhaps I could blame “lack of use” on my poor hand-writing ... but truthfully it has always been bad.  One exception to my handwriting woes is when I jot a card or hand-written note because I do take my time to make sure that a note is legible instead of forcing the person getting the card to interpret my hieroglyphics.

Anybody else in my boat with challenging handwriting?

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