There are so many ways that I'm similar to my dad...

  • We have a great sense of humor ... my wife & my friends will attest that I'm the funniest guy they know (actually they will say I'm pretty corny...I guess this is a prime example of that!)
  • I'm a reader, and a learner. Any spare moment can be used to read something...
  • MBTI personality-type clone: ISTJ
  • My handwriting sometimes resembles hieroglyphics
  • Grandmother says that if you've talked to one of us, you've talked to both
  • My faith is the most important thing
  • I think in terms object lessons whenever I have a teaching opportunity
  • I'm gadgety
  • I would always prefer to be early rather than a minute late
  • I work at being the hardest worker around ... "a job worth doing is worth doing right" and "do it right the first time" still ring in my ears!
  • I've got a soft spot in my heart for old folks ...  My first offer was to cut Mrs. Pringle's HUGE yard for $4 .... she countered with $20 and so my grass-cutting career began.  I probably hold a record for being the lowest paid lawn service in West Monroe as a kid.  I remember Mrs. Yeager calling me "crooked" when I actually told her I wanted $15 extra for trimming those 10-foot tall overgrown hedges at her house!

If this list doesn't prove it, the pictures will show it!  Look at how you were with me...and how I am with Madison.

I am so thankful for all the things you've taught me and all the ways you loved me and spent time with me.

I wanna grow up and be just like you one day. I love you!

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