Whoever came up with time zones?  I get the concept ... but my co-workers can testify that I frequently get tangled up with figuring out the right time to do something when it involves time zones. 

I’ve taken trips and forgotten to calculate the difference between Eastern and Central and gotten there way early ... or way late. ouch!   I’ve scheduled conference calls and forgotten to specify which time zone the appointed time was in relation to.  One time I even confirmed a phone call with a church leader and said in the first email that I would call at 10am Eastern ... and then in the follow-up email I said 10am Central time.  (I guess problem isn't directly related to time zones ...it is just my own issue)

So back to the subject of time zones.  The real question is about crossing time zones.  What really happens to that “lost” hour?  Also, what benefit do you really get from “gained” hour if you are going to just “lose” it when you go back home? 

Does it all even out in the end?  Do folks earn any sort of interest on their hours if they go overseas and cross several time zones and stay for a few months?  What happens to that extra hour if I’m born in Central time zone, but I die in the Eastern time zone?

(I’ll save Daylight Savings Time and Leap Year for another time.... perhaps next time I travel out West and "earn" a couple of extra hours!)