Here are a few thoughts on blogging from my experience w/ Blogger, Wordpress, Posterous, Tumblr, and Squarespace.

Most beginners looking for a free place to host their blog use Blogger or Wordpress. These are easy to set up and there is nothing at all wrong with using their basic free templates ... but I find it pretty difficult to make them look good, with unique design quality.  For a couple of real-life examples: Emily's blog about our adoption journey is done in blogger .... and my friend Mary's blog is done in Wordpress

Tumblr is super easy for uploading content, but is best for graphics, videos, or audio ..... not so much for lots of text.  The basic format keeps the content centered in the page which is cool for viewing media, but not reading text because even short posts look wordy because of the formatting.  Here's an example of a Tumblr blog that some co-workers did for a film project outside of their work.... these are guys on our Production Team who create stuff for CentriKid .. pretty cool.

Squarespace is what we use to blog at work for CentriKid Camps.  It has a lot of tools that come with it, and lots of customization options too.  We picked it because we wanted to make it look as much like the main CentriKid page as possible.  I felt like the end result was really good ... we were able to replicate the use of fonts, color-scheme, and general feel.  I confess ... we had a lot of help to get the customization done.  A couple of folks on our Production team gave some advice and help in setting up the blog site originally.  I like the squarespace blog, but it has a few quirky features that you have to deal with.  The huge benefit of squarespace is the very large support network of folks who use it, write code for it, and work with all the different features that are offered.  It does cost a little bit, but for professional blogging, the rates are reasonable.  I've included a screenshot of an upcoming post to show what the typical blog posting looks can see the video icon because this particular post has a video in it.

Posterous is where I host my blog and it is my favorite way to blog.  Lots of blog platforms are able to handle various media formats and have iPhone apps.... but the thing that makes posterous so easy is that you can just email content to the site and it will handle all the media for you.  Videos and audio clips are hosted in a player on the site ... and photos are dropped into the nifty gallery format at the top of the post.  I've included a screenshot of my Posterous dashboard so you can see how simple it is to adjust the different features.  Best thing about Posterous is that it is free.  For a long time I used the basic posterous white template because it was so clean ... but currently I use a free template that is offered in their customization menu.  The iPhone app is great ... the website posting option is easy ... but most of my posts come just by sending an email.  Posterous is also super-easy to connect to your other social media outlets like twitter and facebook.

<This post was created as an email to answer a couple of questions for my dad ... and I decided to just share it into an example of how easy it is to post on Posterous>