On this date one year ago, Emily and I went to the Dr's Office with Hannah to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.  Kellie was there too with us...  It was a special time as Hannah was very sweet with us and the nurse was telling us about all the different things on the ultrasound.

It was a neat moment when we found out that it was a girl!  I have so many memories from that day .. because we had family who were at work and we couldn't get ahold of them right away, but we had a huge "village" of supporters who were on pins & needles to find out too!

Here is the video I made that day of our experience ... it still makes me tear up to hear Emily talking in the video about how "she's the most beautiful thing ever..."

Sweet memories...thanks for all who have been in the adoption journey & the now the parenting journey with us.