Yesterday our Training & Events group @LifeWay had a fun picnic in the park.  Note the pic of a picnic table full of people.  The invitation list included families, dogs, spouses, and babies.  It was fun to see everybody from work and meet their family members.  Emily wasn't able to go because of school, but I took #BabyMadison so she could meet some new friends from LifeWay.

Meredith took lots of pictures and shared them with me...she posted some of her other pics on her blog.  I love that she got pics of just about every one of my co-workers holding Madison.  That little baby got passed around the whole time!  At one point, Emily sent a text message asking me to take a picture of Madison, but she had already been carried off by Tommy Keown to meet some other people. 

Madison fell asleep on the ride home, and you can see the very last picture of her in the bed when we got home.  She took a 2 hour nap after the picnic!

It is always so sweet and encouraging to know that we've got so many friends and co-workers supporting us up to this point in our adoption journey, and now in our role as parents.