Here is the article from the Rankin Ledger, photos from that day, and video my dad and I took during the interview.  The story features my cousins Rita & Regina who are so sweet to care for others and prepare meals for folks in need.  This all took place at my grandmother's house ... and it is fun to see her sitting between them and telling stories we've never heard about their recipes. 

The inspiration is my grandmother's sister, Estelle.  Estelle taught Rita and Regina to cook, but more importantly, she taught them the importance of using that gift to serve others who are sick or have a family member that is in need.

This was filmed on December 12, 2009 -- and was actually the day my dad and I had Christmas dinner w/ the family because we weren't able to be back in Mississippi on Christmas Day.  The newspaper lady came out to the house thinking she would interview them about a side business, but came away with a great story about ministry.