The blog by Godin this morning reminds me of my dad helping me learn math as a kid....he would day, "close doesn't cut it! There is always a precise answer that is the correct answer."

I learned a lot from my dad about precision and accuracy… But I also learned a lot from him about ministry, and how it isn't always black and white. 

My dads influence on my life has been significant because I've had to navigate the waters of life where there are things that are both black and white and sometimes gray… And sometimes all three at once. 

Thanks dad!


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Subject: Seth's Blog : "It's not prime enough"
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"It's not prime enough"

"That number is too even... can you make the next one even odder?"

The thing about math is that it's right or wrong, on or off, yes or no. Seven is a prime number, there's no improving it.

The thing about life/business/culture and the things we make and do is that they are not math.