First impressions matter (I've written about a couple of reasons why!)  but they should be recognized as merely impressions. Too often, we stop thinking and pass final judgement after getting just a glimpse. I've learned that a little bit of perspective can help test those first impressions to see if they are accurate assessments.

It's never as good as it seems on the first day. I can remember my first summer at camp, I thought everything was perfect, that my team was flawless, we would never have conflict, and that we would all be best friends forever after camp. We ended up having a great summer, but it wasn't a perfect team and we did have our share of conflict. I learned a out the "honeymoon phase" and how in the real world, everything isn't happy-go-lucky like it can seem on the first day.

It's never as bad as it seems on the first day. Even though things may get off to a rocky start, there is no need to panic. Many times our camp staff will feel that their first track time was bad and that and that it means their whole summer will be horrible. A little time, some experience, and a new perspective can help adjust this impression and help them make it through the first rough days.

After learning a these lessons at camp, I've been able to test my initial impressions and gain more perspective before forming an opinion a out how things will go.