We had a cake smash the other night ... our friends Nic & Meredith transformed their living room into a photo studio and allowed us to invade!

It was a lot of fun, but I learned these 6 Tips for Your Next Cake Smash....

  1. Bring a change of clothes.  It is obvious to bring clothes for the baby, but we needed a change of clothes at the end of it all too!
  2. Try out cake and icing before the cake smash.  We haven't really exposed Madison to much "human food" other than occasionally giving her some rice or beans at a Mexican food place.  I think she would have enjoyed it more if she knew that cake was something awesome to get into.
  3. Play music.  This idea hit me late in the game, but all babies love music and it can help set the mood for lots of smiles, hand-waving, and fun baby dance moves.
  4. You can't have too many cameras.  We were at Meredith's house for her to take pictures, but I also brought my video camera ... our friend Haley was there taking pics with her phone, and I was taking pics with my phone too.  You can't predict all the fun expressions, movements, or moments so have plenty of cameras running the whole time!
  5. Familiar snacks can help.  When Madison got kinda tired of the cake, we got things exciting again for her with some of her favorite snacks like Cheerios.
  6. Relax & just enjoy it.  It won't go exactly according to plan ... and that unpredictability is what makes a baby cake smash so much fun.  So let your hair down and just join in the fun ... expecially if you followed Tip #1 and brought a change of clothes!

After watching this time-lapse video of our evening at the cake smash, Emily said, "No wonder we were sweating when it was over!"