My biggest time of struggling this year (and possibly in my life) was the early part of 2011 before Madison was born and things were not final with our adoption.  There were many times when we sat and talked about how excited we were to be parents soon ... but we also had to talk about (and sometimes just internally process) what would happen if things didn't work out.  The birth mom never gave us mixed signals and was very kind to us through the whole process.  But the struggle was in our minds and hearts as we couldn't ever let go of the "what if" scenarios. 

I felt my role was to support my wife through these times but it was difficult to know if the best support was by "being strong" or by "being human."  In hindsight, I think I was a little bit of both...and hopefully I was strong at the right times and human and emotional and empathetic and understanding at the right times too.

9 months ago, our dream came true.  The baby came and we are parents now.  (that sentence makes it sound a lot simpler/quicker/easier than it really was)   But throughout the whole experience, we chose joy and have shared the trials and blessings with those that are closest to us.  We are truly blessed to have a "village" of supporters in our lives.