This book makes it OK to ask questions like "why did this happen?" and "where is God in the middle of this?"

My personal search is rooted in the context of "the wait" for the adoption process. My wife and I have been approved and waiting to be selected by a birth-mother for 9 months at the time of writing this.

Don't skip the introduction! Dr Townsend connected with me from the first story he shared about his Antarctica trip. In adoption, I've seen the beauty/power/awesomeness of God at work ... and also felt the despair/pain/uncertainty of not knowing if He is really gonna get us through this or not.

With all this in mind, Townsend shares the reminders that God is for you, your experience matters, and that the Bible is our source for understanding Gods ways in hard times. 

I'm touched, challenged, and encouraged ... and that's just the introduction!

Chapters on God suffering with me and working behind-the-scenes were meaningful ... and made more real by Dr Townsend’s guidance/advice to empathize and listen before giving perspective or advice to one who is hurting.

The counseling knowledge and experience of the author are delivered with pastoral care and concern from start to finish.   4 stars  out of 5!

review completed by
Jeremy Echols

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