On the night before Madison was born, I started to post on Twitter about our experience.  I knew that I wanted to keep up with all the events of the day, so I decided to let Twitter handle the details for me by time-stamping each tweet.  Little did I know that family & friends across the country would be keeping up with the status updates and waiting on the news of Madison's birth?

I wanted to preserve the memories ... so I'm re-posting some of my favorite tweets from that day.  (There was a total of 55 #BabyMadison tweets that I posted on March 1st...not counting replys, re-tweets, or other posts by friends and family!)

CoachEchols Feb 28, 10:41pm    I hope wifi or cell signal is good at hospital tomorrow. I will post updates as I'm able using the hashtag #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 4:14am    I hit snooze once...couldn't go back to sleep for some reason, so I talked to Ladybug about being good while we are gone #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 5:16am    Leaving for the hospital http://post.ly/1gbKj

Mar 01, 5:55am    Made it to the waiting room...we will be going car shopping later because I doubt we will ever find the place where we parked #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 6:18am    Hannah Arrived with Kellie #BabyMadison #fb

Mar 01, 6:53am    Settled in the room...are we having fun yet? #BabyMadison http://post.ly/1gcQO

Mar 01, 7:21am    Doc has been doing this for 30 years...delivered over 7,000 babies. Thankful for good hands to care for #BabyMadison

CoachEchols Mar 01, 7:26am    Predictions...Doc says noon. Hannah says 11:50am, kellie 12:15, Emily guessed 1:30, JE guessed 2:45pm. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 7:28am    Predictions on weight: Hannah 6.2, kellie 6.5, Emily 7.0, JE 7.3 #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 7:40am    1st contraction...medicine is working. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 8:56am    Waiting, waiting, waiting. This is kind of like the rest of the adoption process....except #BabyMadison is coming today!!

Mar 01, 9:19am    Epidural is underway...only Cody & Hannah in the room now. Emily, Kellie, and I are off to the waiting room. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 9:35am    Waiting in the Waiting Room is worse than being in there...but better than being at home. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 11:58pm    Doc said once we get to 7 or 8, everything just flies. Said we may be calling for delivery about 2:30. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 12:59pm    9. Gonna start pushing in about 10 minutes #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 1:14pm    Not pushing yet ... #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 1:23pm    Pushing in about 10 minutes. #HeardThatBefore #NursesCan'tTellTime #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 1:51pm    Nurse is back...checked...getting ready to push a little bit.

Mar 01, 1:56pm    Called the doc. Here we go. #BabyMadison

CoachEchols Mar 01, 2:04pm   Done. She's here. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 2:29pm    #BabyMadison is here! http://post.ly/1gig7

Mar 01, 2:57pm    Official time was 2:01pm 6.9 lbs 18 inches long.

Mar 01, 3:25pm    First dirty diaper. #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 4:44pm    We are sitting down for the FIRST time and trying to process today. Our supporters are so kind to pray for us, Hannah, & #BabyMadison

Mar 01, 6:32pm    I just sat down and got my computer open...catching up on all the messages from folks today who celebrated the arrival of #BabyMadison

CoachEchols Mar 01, 9:35pm    Is it still March 1? Feels like this day started a long time ago...I'll never forget that we welcomed a new life to this world #BabyMadison