This week at the LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference in Birmingham, I led a workshop session about taking the camp experience home.  For the dozens (who were in the session) and the literally millions around the world (who were not) I've put my notes and slides online.  Enjoy - and I appreciate any feedback you can offer.

At CentriKid Camps, we would love to partner with you in ministry to kids at summer camp!


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Leader:  Jeremy Echols
60 minutes
Can we really balance the summer camp mountain-top experiences and valleys that ensue?  Discover ways to help kids break the cycle of camp mountain-tops that lead to spiritual valleys at home.  Learn how to make the most of camp and see growth continue year-round!

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Things to Understand about Camp vs Returning Home from camp

·         it is healthy to talk about it, but you can't live at camp forever.

·         the emotion won’t last

·         the real world isn't like camp (Quiet Time isn't written on your daily schedule at home)

·         the "share service" at church is a good place to talk about your decision, but it doesn't mean that a commitment has "stuck."

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How to help decisions stick and see growth all year long

·         CentriKid provides 4 weeks of quiet time devotions (but even those run out...see facebook feedback for what some kids and adults are saying they are doing next) 

·         the surest sign of spiritual growth is daily prayer and quiet time (time alone with God)

·         commemorate/remember (recall fun experiences, worship songs, discuss camp decisions)

·         write it down, write about it, talk about it. (at home, at school, sports, band, activities)

·         seek personal accountability

·         discipleship

·         serve and give to Missions (minister can provide education & awareness, minister can equip giving & service opportunities)